The Sound Of Perseverance

Music and Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner

What pain will it take
To satisfy your sick appetite
Go in for the kill
Always in sight-prey
The time always right-feast
Feed on the pain-taste
Sorrow made flesh-sweet
Live how you want
Just don't feed on me
If you doubt what I say
I will make you beleive
Shallow are words from those who starve
For a dream not their own to slash and scar

Big words, small mind
Behind the pain you will find
A scavenger of human sorrow
Abstract theory the weapon of choice
Used by a scavenger of human sorrow

So you have traveled far across the sea
To spread your written brand of misery

Music and Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner

Look down at the body
You may see no trace of wounds
But in the eye
The eye of the beholder
One cannot assume

Not a drop of blood is drawn
But you know how it bleeds
Beware of the sharp edged weapon
Called human being

It is a shield of passion
And strong will
From this I am the victor
Instead of the kill

I will not feed your hunger, instead
I bite the pain
Looking not back, but forward
I bite down hard
Try to cover up the trail of deceit
And daggers spawned from your soul

Acid, the tears of remorse
Flow in vain, too late for regrets
Save it
For the next ill fated game

Music and Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner

It comes from the depths
Of a place unknown to the
Keeper of dreams
If it could then it would steal
The sun and the moon from the sky

Human at sight, monster at heart
Don't let it inside it could
Tear you right apart

No guilt, it feeds in plain sight
Spirit crusher
Stay strong and hold on tight
Spirit crusher

Speaking in killing words

The vicious kind that crush and kill
No mercy, its pleasure to taste
The blood that it bled

When it's time to feed to fulfill
The need to consume a breath
Some will rise standing tall
Breathing out all the breath from
The voice of a soul

Music and Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner

Drifting into the lives
Seep into the soul where emotions hide
Dark skies were beating me down
With shadows of deceit slashing at
Trust till it forever bleeds
With doubt, with pain, with trust
Is pain

When you think of me in your
Multidimensional mind, try and wash the
"evil" from your mind and open it

When you taste the truth you will
See like others before me, to you
I am past, a story to tell
Tell it

You may think you own the end
Take another close look at the script
Of sadness etched in the book

Music and Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner

I told you once but I will say it again
When you live the flesh it is the beginning
Of the end
It will take you in
It will spit you out
Behold the flesh and the power it holds
Passion is a poison laced with pleasure bitter sweet
One of many faces that hide deep beneath
It will take you in
It will spit you out
Behold the flesh and the power it holds
Touch, taste, breathe, consumed
Deja-vu. Already knew from the first encounter
But know I know to let go of words to speak no more
Like a wind upon your face you can't see it
But you know it's there, when beauty shows
Its ugly face, just be prepared

Passion burns like fire carried by the wind
The end of a time, a time to begin
It builds you up one way and tears
You right back down, a time to begin
The end of a time
Touch, taste, breathe, consumed

Music by Chuck Schuldiner


Music and Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner

Throughout our time a thought
Escapes us to enforce a word, no
Holding on to pain it may seem to some

The easy way to say o.k., twist your
Knife a little deeper
Words so sharp actions dark
Hide the blade of the deceiver

Enforce the words no more, be free
Alone you might just find serenity

To accept another day we choose
To give away another piece of life
To forgive is to suffer

Once or twice is kind
Three of four is blind
It is not the end yet a way to begin
The power of words both good and bad

Music and Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner

I would describe it as an invisible darkness
Casting a shadow, a blinding black
Guarded by hope, my soul is kept from
The bloody claws

Look to beyond, what vision lets me see
Time after time, unneeded misery
Holding tight to my dreams
I own no price for you
I grip them tight and hope for sight

Open my eyes wide to see a moment of clarity
Confusion gone, it's in your hands
Your turn to ask why

Life is like a mystery
With many clues, but with few answers
To tell us what it is that we can do to look
For messages that keep us from the truth

Music and Lyrics by Halford, Tipton & Downing

Judas Priest cover